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Mindfulness Meditation

Anxiety and chronic stress are taking a toll on mental and physical health, relationships, and overall well-being. Endless information and distraction contributes to increasing levels of stress and anxiety. Drowning in “to do” lists, we have lost our capacity to ride the waves of awareness that can carry us to calmer seas of clarity and connection. Research reveals that the antidote to endless rumination and worry lies in our capacity to pay attention to present moment experience with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with what is, no matter the outer circumstance.  

Mindfulness meditation can be thought of as hygiene for the mind and brain.  Think of mindfulness meditation as inner exercise to strengthen and enhance  focus, concentration,  immune function, insight, empathy, compassion, attuned communication, and resilience. 


Kay Stewart, founder of Stillwaters Mindfulness Training, offers various class series in mindfulness meditation in partnership with Shallowford Family Counseling Center. Classes are grounded in the principles and practices of  Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, an evidence-based program developed by Jon Kabat Zinn in 1979. Ancient contemplative wisdom intersects with modern contemplative neuroscience to reveal that, with practice, our brains can literally be “rewired” for resilience, compassion, and embodied presence.   


For a taste of mindfulness practice and easy access to free guided mindfulness meditation recordings with Kay, follow Stillwaters Mindfulness on Soundcloud. 

SFCC offers educational programming through various class series, practice circles, and retreats scheduled throughout the year. 


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You can also request a retreat or workshop specifically designed for your group or organization. 


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“In essence, mindfulness ... being about attention, awareness, relationality, and caring ... is a universal human capacity akin to our capacity for language acquisition. It is a way of being in wise and purposeful relationship with one’s experience, both inwardly and outwardly, with oneself and with others ... It usually involves cultivating familiarity and intimacy with aspects of everyday experience that we often take for granted."  - Jon Kabat Zinn

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