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Compassionate Integrity Training

Compassion and integrity aren’t just concepts or ideas, they are essential skills that require attention and practice for personal health, for healthy relationships, and for social and environmental flourishing. Compassionate Integrity is about aligning your deeply held values with your capacity to act in the world, on a personal and organizational level. 


Learn to calm body and mind, connect to your “resilience zone” and recognize our common humanity and capacity for kindness.  

Kay Stewart, a certified facilitator for CIT, offers the CIT course through SFCC, either at Shallowford or on-site for your organization or group. This multi-part training program cultivates basic human values as skills for the purpose of increasing individual, social, and environmental flourishing. 


This course, developed by Life University’s Center for Compassionate Integrity and Secular Ethics, was recently adopted by UNESCO’s Mahatma Gandhi Institute to train mindfulness, empathy, and compassion. CIT focuses on and builds toward our ability to live life in accordance with our values through recognition of common humanity, our basic orientation to kindness, and reciprocity.   


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How well do you practice the Golden Rule? 

Do you want to be an instrument of peace and compassion in your family, your community, our world?


Explore these questions and develop skills for well-being and flourishing for ourselves, our families, and our world. Together, may we live into the truth of our interconnectedness and common humanity and our deep need for kindness, compassion, and love.

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